I am Josh Strickland.
Educator and builder of good things.

As an educator (or entrepreneur) in whatever capacity you find yourself in, we are world changers and my hope is that you never lose sight of that. This site is dedicated to the ones who strive to make a difference. Follow along as I share (nearly) everything on my own journey as a new teacher, new parent and fellow world changer.

As an elementary teacher, especially being a young male (we’re not the norm), this “teaching” thing has been a difficult journey to say the least. I’m a believer in sharing experiences that help and bring others together and that’s what I’m giving on this site, my piece of the internet.

These 4 Things Define Me As An Educator


My goal is that every interaction, lesson and thing that I do is accomplished with a heart of encouragement.


I believe in loving others regardless of who they are. When we connect with others we serve this purpose.


It’s why I teach, blog and help people with things. The saying that “sharing is caring” is truer than true.


I love helping people to a next level where they’re creating. We all have something beautiful to contribute.

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Ready, Set- Start Your Coding!

It’s that amazing, wonderful, time of the year again! And yes, you could say I’m talking about Christmas music, the Holiday spirit, and celebrating time with family. All of that is truly the reason for a great fall season, but nothing would be complete if we didn’t honor and go all-out for this week being […]

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How to Approach Our Mission With Bravery

Everything I’ve accomplished in life would be void if it weren’t for the people in my life, specifically my classroom teachers, who pushed and challenged me to go to the next level.   I am a product of those who have invested their entire heart into me.   Now, when I say classroom teachers, you […]

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